WRU: Mobile Wallpapers


How to add a mobile Wallpaper

How to add images as your phone's wallpaper:

On an iPhone:

  • Tap and hold down on the photo
  • A menu will slide up - tap "Save Image"
  • The photo will be saved to your Camera Roll
  • Tap the Photos app
  • Tap Camera Roll
  • Tap a photo of your choice
  • Tap the square with the arrow jumping out of it in the lower left side of the screen
  • Tap the Use As Wallpaper menu option
  • Use your thumb and index finger to pinch or stretch the image to fit appropriately
  • Tap Set Wallpaper

On a Blackberry:

  • Hold your finger on the image
  • Select save image from following menu
  • Image will be saved to Downloads Folder.
  • Tap on downloads,
  • Tap on the wallpaper or pic you want
  • Swipe down the dropdown menu
  • Tap use as wallpaper.
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