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Rugby clubs across wales are notorious for the events they host, not only for their club members, but for their community at large. Many of these events can be supported by the WRU through Join the Beat and other sources (like NatWest)
  • Emergency First Aid Course
  • Welsh Rugby Union Strapping Courses
  • Volunteer Recruitment Day
  • Player Recruitment Program
  • NatWest RugbyForce
  • Going Forward Projects

If you are interested in your club hosting an event, don't hesitate to contact us and we will provide help and guidance as quickly as possible, as well as advertising it on this website. Or if you are looking for an event in your area, use our find an event map.

Emergency First Aid and WRU Strapping Courses
Emergency First AidRugby is a collision sports, players purposely run into each other at high speeds with great strength. Due to the nature of the game, accidents can happen, even with the best prepared teams. The Welsh Rugby Union has very strong links with St. Johns Cymru and are committed to the safety of all our players. Rugby Clubs are invited to host First aid and Strapping courses. Our courses are only ran by very experienced and qualified tutors so you know you are getting the best advice available.

Recruitment Days and Programs
Recruitment days and programs are the base for new blood within a rugby club. New faces means new ideas and fresh help which all organisations, large or small, are desperate for. Recruitment days and programs can be held in search for new players or off-field volunteers. These days are run by the rugby club and usually involve some rugby games, a BBQ and bar, and a large range of other entertainment options such as coconut shies and much, much more!

NatWest RugbyForce
NatWest RugbyForceNatWest have provided a grant of £500 to 30 clubs for the last 3 years to complete small projects around the club, from redecorating to pitch maintenance. This project is completed over a weekend and at the end of the hard work, the volunteers are usually rewarded for their efforts with a nice relaxing BBQ. Even the clubs that apply and are not awarded the grant this time round are given some resources to help them develop their club.

Going Forward Projects
Going Forward is a scheme that shows what young people can do for your rugby club and community. These projects are completely designed and ran by the young adults (16-18 year old) and can range from family fun days, fundraising events and website design/maintenance.
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Going Forward

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Volunteer Coordinators

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