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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers make welsh rugby one of the most passionate community games in the world! They do a huge service to Wales and to the Sport. Find out more about who they are and what they do.

Who are our volunteers?

Who are the volunteers that make community welsh rugby so special? Check out our infograph (by clicking the title link below) to see 'Who does what in Welsh Rugby' to get a detailed breakdown of volunteers in Wales.

Who does what?

What do our Volunteers do?

Want to know more about the roles available and why people do them, check out the infographs below to find out more about the 'Committee Members and Managers' or 'the 16th man supporter' (coming soon).

Beat of the Week

Want up-to-date stories about what our volunteers are doing in clubs right now all over Wales, have a look at our Beat of the Week page to see the stories of real volunteers doing what they love.

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Going Forward

Going Forward

Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Coordinators

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