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The first pilot scheme for Going Forward is scheduled to start September 2015 which will be held across the Blues region.

Going Forward is a scheme aimed at 16-18 year olds which involves them completing a participant led project for their local rugby club. The project can range from organising fund raising events, to publicity programs. It's completely up to the group.

What do you think of going forward in your life?

Getting into university, work and even extended training has become very competitive and employers and lecturers are only ever looking for the best. Your qualifications are important, but what will set you apart from everyone else with the same qualifications as you?


At the WRU, we are offering the opportunity to a small dedicated group of pupils from your school/college to make a real difference to your club, your community and your future!

What do you have to do?

Simple answer.... whatever you and your group would like to do! We want you to work with your local club to use your skills and your interests to better your local rugby club and community as a whole. If you are a computer whizz, you could become the webmaster, or if the club needs more money, you could design a fundraising fun day, it's up to you! You already have the ability to change your world around you, now with 'Going Forward' you have the freedom.

What do you get out of it?

Besides having a great time, making new friends and changing your life for the better, if you complete your 30 hours, you will be invited to attend a special graduation ceremony dinner at the Millennium stadium where you will be presented with your certificate and reflect on everything you have accomplished.

There may even be a special prize for the best group project!

Your project will make a genuine difference to your community and will provide the extra incentive your future employers/lecturers needs to pick you, the best!
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Going Forward

Going Forward

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