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Ticket Terms & Conditions

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Ticket Terms and Conditions

The Welsh Rugby Union Limited (the "WRU") and its authorised agents and distributors allocate and issue tickets for events and rugby matches (the "Tickets") at the Millennium Stadium (the "Stadium") only upon these Ticket Terms and Conditions, the Ticket Application Conditions (for Member Clubs) and Ground Rules ("the Terms") and by applying for and/or being allocated or transferred Tickets all recipients of a Ticket shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms. The Terms are available at

1. A Ticket shall not be transferred, offered for sale, resold or supplied at above face value save as permitted in these Terms.

2. A Ticket shall not be advertised or offered for sale on the internet or elsewhere, save as authorised by the WRU.

3. A Ticket shall not be purchased or obtained through any person, agent, company or otherwise than directly from the WRU, its authorised agents or distributors. Such authorised agents include Member Clubs ("Authorised Agents"). Such authorised distributors include Club Members, Schools, Debenture Holders, Referee Societies, WRU staff, Visiting Unions, Official Licensed Operators, Genuine Sponsors ("Authorised Distributors").

4. Subject to the other conditions herein, a Ticket can only be offered for sale (but not advertised for sale on the internet or in any newspaper or magazine) or transferred or resold (at face value or less) by WRU, its Authorised Agents and Authorised Distributors to Authorised Recipients. Such Authorised Recipients include pupils and staff (in the case of schools, colleges or universities), staff and members (in the case of Referee Societies and Visiting Unions) friends and family or as otherwise authorised by the WRU from time to time ("Authorised Recipients"). Subject to the other conditions herein, an authorised recipient who has been supplied with more than one Ticket may transfer or resell (at face value or less) to a friend or family member accompanying them.

5. A Ticket may not be used as a prize, or as part of a competition, or in any promotional or similar activity without the written consent of the WRU.

6. A Ticket can be transferred, offered for sale, resold or supplied to an Official Licensed Operator at above face value by Member Clubs, as authorised by the WRU.

7. A package means the supply of a Ticket with additional benefit(s) including but not limited to retail items, accommodation, food, drink and/or travel (a "Package"). Tickets may not be included as part of a Package except in Packages authorised by the WRU.

8. A Ticket may not be transferred, offered for sale, resold or supplied to or by a person, firm or company carrying on a ticketing or corporate hospitality business (other than an Official Licensed Operator appointed by the WRU); anyone offering, or through a third party supplying, catering facilities on the date of an event at the Stadium; or an officer, agent, employee or licensee of any of the above ("Restricted Person").

9. A Ticket can be transferred, offered for sale, resold or supplied not above face value to a company, firm or person who is not a Restricted Person and who is a genuine sponsor who receives actual benefit, not just tickets and has done so not less than 2 months before the purchase or receipt of tickets ("Genuine Sponsor"). A Genuine Sponsor may only transfer, offer for sale, resell or supply a Ticket at face value or less to a member of staff or guest upon the Terms.

10. The decision of the WRU shall be final and binding in the event of any dispute as to whether a company, firm or person is an Authorised Distributor, Authorised Recipient, Restricted Person or Genuine Sponsor.

11. All recipients of Tickets must ensure that the Terms are incorporated into all agreements (whether written or oral) to transfer, resell or supply Tickets and a recipient may only transfer, resell or supply Tickets on terms that the Terms are accepted, including the prohibition in relation to reselling or offering to sell or transferring Tickets at above face value, advertising Tickets for sale or selling as part of a Package.

12. Any Ticket advertised, supplied or obtained in breach of the Terms shall be void and all rights conferred therewith shall be nullified. Any recipient seeking to use a Ticket obtained in breach of the Terms in order to gain or provide access to or remain at the Stadium will be a trespasser and the recipient may be liable to be refused entry or evicted from the Stadium, and may be liable to legal action.

13. The WRU, its Authorised Agents and Authorised Distributors reserve the right to refuse to transfer, sell or supply Tickets in the future, to any Authorised Agent, Authorised Distributor or Authorised Recipient, person, firm, agent or company found to be in breach of these Terms.

14. The WRU, its Authorised Agents and Authorised Distributors reserve the right to take disciplinary action in the event of any breach of the Terms. WRU reserves the right to take legal action against any recipient of Tickets which breaches any of the Terms.

15. Tickets remain the property of the WRU at all times.

16. Where a Ticket has been lost or stolen, the WRU should be notified immediately and shall, subject to ascertaining and verifying the circumstances in which the Ticket holder was in possession of the Ticket and of the loss or theft of the Ticket, issue a duplicate Ticket to the Ticket holder for a per Ticket administrative fee. If the WRU issues a duplicate Ticket, the original Ticket will become automatically invalid.

17. In order to gain admission to the Stadium, the Ticket must be presented in its entirety at the specified entrance.

18. No re-admission is permitted.

19. Any complaints about a Ticket holder's ability to view the event shall be made to a steward promptly prior to, or during the event. No such complaints can be accepted after the event.

20. The WRU reserves the right to cancel or reschedule its advertised events. In the event of any curtailment, abandonment or cancellation of an event due to any cause no refund of any ticket can be made. In the event of postponement, the ticket will be valid for the postponed date. Personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to the event which has been arranged by the ticket holder is at their own risk. Liability for the cancellation or rescheduling of an Event, or for material changes to an Event, will be limited to the refund as set forth in terms relating to the specific event.

21. A Ticket holder has the right to occupy a seat of a value corresponding to that stated on the Ticket and the WRU reserves the right to provide an alternative seat to that specified on the Ticket.

22. If admission is reasonably refused for whatever reason no money will be refunded or compensation provided.

23. Tickets are issued subject to the Stadium Ground Rules and the WRU and Millennium Stadium plc, the police, its servants or agents shall be entitled to refuse admission or eject a ticket holder in reasonable circumstances. A copy of the Ground Rules is available outside the Stadium and is also available at



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