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September 2017
Sat 2nd Sep 1714:30Blaenavon RFC7 - 33Brynmawr RFC
Sat 2nd Sep 1714:30Caerleon RFC21 - 46Brecon RFC
Sat 2nd Sep 1714:30Croesyceiliog RFC44 - 7Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 2nd Sep 1714:30Dowlais RFC25 - 26Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 2nd Sep 1714:30Nelson RFC38 - 12Pontypool United RFC
Sat 2nd Sep 1714:30Risca RFC14 - 27Penallta
Sat 9th Sep 1714:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF28 - 44Caerleon RFC
Sat 9th Sep 1714:30Brecon RFC42 - 16Blaenavon RFC
Sat 9th Sep 1714:30Brynmawr RFC26 - 15Dowlais RFC
Sat 9th Sep 1714:30Penallta17 - 10Nelson RFC
Sat 9th Sep 1714:30Pontypool United RFC15 - 11Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 9th Sep 1714:30Ynysybwl RFC35 - 29Risca RFC
Sat 16th Sep 1714:30Blaenavon RFC19 - 22Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 16th Sep 1714:30Caerleon RFC5 - 52Pontypool United RFC
Sat 16th Sep 1714:30Croesyceiliog RFC18 - 23Penallta
Sat 16th Sep 1714:30Dowlais RFC0 - 36Brecon RFC
Sat 16th Sep 1714:30Risca RFC35 - 11Nelson RFC
Sat 16th Sep 1714:30Ynysybwl RFC17 - 52Brynmawr RFC
Sat 23rd Sep 1714:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF22 - 18Dowlais RFC
Sat 23rd Sep 1714:30Brecon RFC66 - 6Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 23rd Sep 1714:30Nelson RFC38 - 10Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 23rd Sep 1714:30Penallta29 - 8Caerleon RFC
Sat 23rd Sep 1714:30Pontypool United RFC29 - 7Blaenavon RFC
Sat 23rd Sep 1714:30Risca RFC27 - 38Brynmawr RFC
Sat 30th Sep 1714:30Blaenavon RFC9 - 16Penallta
Sat 30th Sep 1714:30Brynmawr RFC23 - 15Brecon RFC
Sat 30th Sep 1714:30Caerleon RFC28 - 32Nelson RFC
Sat 30th Sep 1714:30Croesyceiliog RFC14 - 17Risca RFC
Sat 30th Sep 1714:30Dowlais RFC11 - 5Pontypool United RFC
Sat 30th Sep 1714:30Ynysybwl RFC46 - 13Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
October 2017
Sat 14th Oct 1714:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF13 - 47Brynmawr RFC
Sat 14th Oct 1714:30Croesyceiliog RFC24 - 29Caerleon RFC
Sat 14th Oct 1714:30Nelson RFC51 - 3Blaenavon RFC
Sat 14th Oct 1714:30Penallta21 - 15Dowlais RFC
Sat 14th Oct 1714:30Pontypool United RFC23 - 22Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 14th Oct 1714:30Risca RFC25 - 41Brecon RFC
Sat 21st Oct 1714:30Blaenavon RFC12 - 3Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 21st Oct 1714:30Brecon RFC29 - 9Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 21st Oct 1714:30Caerleon RFC0 - 8Risca RFC
Sat 21st Oct 1714:30Ynysybwl RFC0 - 28Penallta
November 2017
Sat 4th Nov 1714:30Caerleon RFC19 - 28Blaenavon RFC
Sat 4th Nov 1714:30Croesyceiliog RFC21 - 41Dowlais RFC
Sat 4th Nov 1714:30Nelson RFC68 - 14Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 4th Nov 1714:30Penallta32 - 5Brynmawr RFC
Sat 4th Nov 1714:30Pontypool United RFC19 - 22Brecon RFC
Sat 4th Nov 1714:30Risca RFC55 - 7Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 11th Nov 1713:30Brecon RFC18 - 3Penallta
Sat 11th Nov 1714:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF7 - 44Pontypool United RFC
Sat 11th Nov 1714:30Blaenavon RFC16 - 17Risca RFC
Sat 11th Nov 1714:30Brynmawr RFC26 - 6Nelson RFC
Sat 11th Nov 1714:30Dowlais RFC31 - 12Caerleon RFC
Sat 11th Nov 1714:30Ynysybwl RFC22 - 27Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 18th Nov 1712:00Croesyceiliog RFC0 - 32Brynmawr RFC
December 2017
Fri 1st Dec 1719:15Penallta60 - 0Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 16th Dec 1714:30Brecon RFC24 - 12Caerleon RFC
Sat 16th Dec 1714:30Brynmawr RFC29 - 7Blaenavon RFC
Sat 16th Dec 1714:30Penallta19 - 23Risca RFC
Sat 16th Dec 1714:30Pontypool United RFC27 - 26Nelson RFC
Sat 16th Dec 1714:30Ynysybwl RFC21 - 29Dowlais RFC
Sat 30th Dec 1714:30Blaenavon RFC14 - 24Brecon RFC
Sat 30th Dec 1714:30Caerleon RFC31 - 16Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 30th Dec 1714:30Croesyceiliog RFC0 - 41Pontypool United RFC
January 2018
Sat 6th Jan 1814:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF26 - 27Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 6th Jan 1814:30Brecon RFC16 - 6Dowlais RFC
Sat 6th Jan 1814:30Brynmawr RFC52 - 0Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 6th Jan 1814:30Nelson RFC19 - 28Risca RFC
Sat 6th Jan 1814:30Pontypool United RFC39 - 8Caerleon RFC
Sat 13th Jan 1814:30Brecon RFC20 - 5Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 13th Jan 1814:30Dowlais RFC15 - 3Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 13th Jan 1814:30Risca RFC15 - 27Pontypool United RFC
Sat 20th Jan 1814:30Brecon RFC10 - 21Brynmawr RFC
Sat 20th Jan 1814:30Nelson RFC12 - 19Caerleon RFC
Sat 20th Jan 1814:30Penallta33 - 3Blaenavon RFC
Sat 20th Jan 1814:30Pontypool United RFC6 - 6Dowlais RFC
Sat 20th Jan 1814:30Risca RFC20 - 13Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 27th Jan 1814:30Blaenavon RFC13 - 17Nelson RFC
Sat 27th Jan 1814:30Brynmawr RFC54 - 19Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 27th Jan 1814:30Caerleon RFC26 - 8Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 27th Jan 1814:30Ynysybwl RFC38 - 32Pontypool United RFC
February 2018
Thu 1st Feb 1819:15Dowlais RFC12 - 22Brynmawr RFC
Fri 2nd Feb 1819:15Croesyceiliog RFC19 - 40Nelson RFC
Sat 17th Feb 1814:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF13 - 56Brecon RFC
Sat 17th Feb 1814:30Croesyceiliog RFC13 - 21Blaenavon RFC
Sat 17th Feb 1814:30Nelson RFC24 - 17Dowlais RFC
Sat 17th Feb 1814:30Penallta83 - 14Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 17th Feb 1814:30Pontypool United RFC5 - 22Brynmawr RFC
Sat 17th Feb 1814:30Risca RFC25 - 15Caerleon RFC
March 2018
Sat 10th Mar 1814:30Caerleon RFC15 - 10Dowlais RFC
Sat 10th Mar 1814:30Penallta17 - 10Brecon RFC
Sat 10th Mar 1814:30Pontypool United RFC29 - 12Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Thu 15th Mar 1819:15Blaenavon RFC11 - 14Pontypool United RFC
Fri 16th Mar 1819:00Croesyceiliog RFC28 - 22Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 24th Mar 1814:30Brecon RFC20 - 21Nelson RFC
Sat 24th Mar 1814:30Brynmawr RFC83 - 10Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 24th Mar 1814:30Dowlais RFC18 - 8Blaenavon RFC
Sat 24th Mar 1814:30Pontypool United RFC14 - 13Risca RFC
Sat 24th Mar 1814:30Ynysybwl RFC53 - 51Caerleon RFC
Thu 29th Mar 1819:15Blaenavon RFC15 - 0Caerleon RFC
Sat 31st Mar 1814:30Ynysybwl RFC17 - 22Brecon RFC
April 2018
Sat 7th Apr 1814:30Caerleon RFC14 - 45Brynmawr RFC
Sat 7th Apr 1814:30Penallta27 - 24Pontypool United RFC
Sat 7th Apr 1814:30Risca RFC58 - 16Dowlais RFC
Sat 7th Apr 1814:30Ynysybwl RFC22 - 20Blaenavon RFC
Sat 14th Apr 1814:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF18 - 41Risca RFC
Sat 14th Apr 1814:30Brynmawr RFC42 - 14Pontypool United RFC
Sat 14th Apr 1814:30Caerleon RFC27 - 31Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 14th Apr 1814:30Nelson RFC40 - 37Brecon RFC
Sat 14th Apr 1814:30Penallta59 - 7Croesyceiliog RFC
Wed 18th Apr 1819:15Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF22 - 35Nelson RFC
Wed 18th Apr 1819:15Brynmawr RFC22 - 20Risca RFC
Sat 21st Apr 1814:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF20 - 30Blaenavon RFC
Sat 21st Apr 1814:30Brecon RFC30 - 23Pontypool United RFC
Sat 21st Apr 1814:30Brynmawr RFC38 - 7Caerleon RFC
Sat 21st Apr 1814:30Dowlais RFC29 - 19Croesyceiliog RFC
Sat 21st Apr 1814:30Nelson RFC21 - 49Penallta
Sat 21st Apr 1814:30Risca RFC41 - 39Ynysybwl RFC
Wed 25th Apr 1819:15Croesyceiliog RFC18 - 22Brecon RFC
Thu 26th Apr 1819:30Blaenavon RFC26 - 12Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 28th Apr 1814:30Brecon RFC45 - 15Risca RFC
Sat 28th Apr 1814:30Caerleon RFC0 - 40Penallta
Sat 28th Apr 1814:30Dowlais RFC40 - 14Nelson RFC
May 2018
Wed 2nd May 1819:15Blaenavon RFC33 - 10Dowlais RFC
Sat 5th May 1814:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF31 - 45Ynysybwl RFC
Sat 5th May 1814:30Dowlais RFC24 - 19Penallta
Sat 5th May 1814:30Nelson RFC10 - 40Brynmawr RFC
Sat 5th May 1814:30Risca RFC23 - 21Blaenavon RFC
Tue 8th May 1819:15Brynmawr RFC14 - 31Penallta
Wed 9th May 1819:15Dowlais RFC24 - 42Risca RFC
Wed 9th May 1819:15Nelson RFC29 - 3Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF
Sat 12th May 1814:30Pontypool United RFC41 - 17Penallta
Sat 12th May 1814:30Ynysybwl RFC41 - 19Nelson RFC
Sat 19th May 1814:30Abertillery / Blaenau Gwent RF10 - 61Penallta
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